There is a plan and a purpose, a value to every life, no matter what its location, age, gender or disability. </br>(Sharron Angle)The national nonprofit I founded, KaBOOM!, is on a mission to save play for Americas children, and has long been championing the cause in high-need communities. </br>(Darell Hammond)I hope my organization will not be around in 10 years, because at a national, state, and community level, we will have evolved into a society that cares about children and the need for play. </br>(Darell Hammond)The world worries about disability more than disabled people do. </br>(Warwick Davis)I think that everyone has something about themselves that they feel is their weakness... their disability. And Im certain we all have one, because I think of a disability as being anything which undermines our belief and confidence in our own abilities. </br>(Aimee Mullins)People didnt always see a person with a disability who had to use a ramp or elevator as people who have been given unnecessary privileges. But I run into that often now. People are saying, Why do we have to go to great expense for these people? </br>(Major Owens)Employers have recognized for some time that its smart business to have a diverse workforce - one in which many views are represented and everyones talents are valued. Well, disability is part of diversity. </br>(Thomas Perez)

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